IEK Today
IEK produces electro - mechanical IEK TM goods to be used in construction industry, housing-communal services and industrial plants. The company focuses on maximum availability; playing an active part in the development of this industry and maintaining the security of energy resources. The company has an impeccable business reputation, being a guarantee of IEK quality, and exercising high social responsibility. IEK inputs into the quality of life of its customers and makes a great contribution to stable economic development of electro - mechanical sector in the global market.

Our Customers  



WE value our customers’ confidence, which they have had in us for over 19 years. The company continues to develop in order to provide modern and reliable products used in construction industry, housing-communal services and industrial plants.

IEK Partners

IEK values its partners as one of the major components of the company and an integral part of its business. Effective cooperation with partners has allowed IEK products to be easily available the services of high quality for customers in the international market.

IEK Staff

IEK recognizes the responsibility before its customers and thus has created its personal team of professionals that maintain the production process and development of the company in the best possible way. Every person within IEK is a member of a highly professional integral body of IEK staff working for the progress of the company and creation of up-to-date products to meet the demand of the market.

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